A New Way To Write My Books

I’ve sort of stumbled on an easier way for me to write and host my books than in the past. In the past I’ve gone full throttle with my book production system, attempting to craft a complete book that has PDFs, websites, full code systems, and the works ready to go right away. This worked for my other books but simply getting the content written was a complete slog in the beginning. It was simply too hard to focus on all those things at once and also work on the content.

I then started writing a fun book on art called The Imaginative Logician and had the idea that I could just write each exercise or chapter as a blog post and follow a Index for the proposed content. This is basically how I work anyway, but with this I can have someone else handle all the hosting and tracking and design crap I don’t want to deal with at first. Once I figured out how to flip WordPress into Markdown mode I was good to go.

I’m also going to be making LUTHW very video heavy because a lot of the exercises are better demonstrated visually because of their interactive nature. I’ve developed a slightly modified format from the other Hard Way books where the video is predominate, but that there’s a nice “Quick Reference” section for people to use after watching the video. This format works great where the video is the primary lecture, and the rest of the exercise is homework and practice.

In this format using a blog to write the book is much easier at first. My goal is to then simply suck down all the markdown pages and turn them into a complete first draft after reworking the flow and the content. I also get to use the comment system right away to find out what’s working for people or not.

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